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UPDATE: Click here to learn about delays due to Coronavirus/Covid-19 issues
UPDATE: Touch here to learn about delays due to Coronavirus/Covid-19 issues
Lunar New Year and Coronavirus Updates

Lunar New Year and Coronavirus Updates

Update - 13th February 2020

There are some delays in shipping orders due to limited population movement in China, and resulting effects on logistics and staffing. We dearly ask for your kind patience during this difficult time and know that all orders will be fulfilled as soon as humanly possible.


As notified earlier in January, there is a delay on orders received during Lunar New Year/Spring Festival Holiday as many people in China travel home to be with family and their loved ones. 

We expected our suppliers to start shipping again in the next few days. However, in response to the developing coronavirus situation in China, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China has officially extended the Spring Festival Holiday until the 10th of February for nonessential businesses in an effort to curb the spread of the disease.

Due to this extension, all orders will not be dispatched until the 10~12h of February at the very earliest. We currently do not have exact ship dates for all warehouses.

However - almost all of our stock is held in the Shenzhen/Pearl River Delta area and thus not affected by the Wuhan lockdown. However it can take time to catch up with backlog of orders received over holidays.

Our office in Hong Kong SAR is also affected due to temporary building closures. 

As you would understand this entire situation is out of our control. We are still working as hard as possible to meet your expectations, however we do request your patience and good will during this most unfortunate period. 

This information and shipping times can be subject to change before and after receiving an order.

We wish everyone best wishes and a successful New Year, and dearly hope the best for anyone affected by the current events. 

Most sincerely

Cindy and everyone at PMD Way Limited.


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