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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

1.8" TFT Color LCD for Arduino

SKU 25419405

Now available from PMD Way is this great value 1.8 TFT LCD module. The display has a resolution of 120 x 160 pixels in full colour, and thanks to the SPI-based interface only uses five digital pins.

Using the display with Arduino is incredibly simple as it is compatible with the TFT library installed by default with the Arduino IDE. Inline header pins are soldered to the display, however you may want some male-to-female jumpers to connect to your Arduino or solderless breadboard. You will also need two female-female wires if using an Arduino Due or compatible.

The display is both 3.3V and 5V tolerant so it's fine with all board types.

Using the display:

Hardware connection

When using the TFT example sketches included with the Arduino IDE, make the following connections between the display and the Arduino:

TFT Pinout     Arduino Uno   Arduino Mega   Arduino Due
Vcc 5V or 3.3V 5V or 3.3V 3.3V
CS D10 D10 D10
RST D8 D8 D8
DC or A0 D9 D9 D9
SDA D11 D51 MOSI**
SCK D13 D52 SCK**
LED 3.3V* 3.3V* 3.3V


* The LED backlight requires 3.3V (or 5V in series with a 10k ohm resistor) - you can use the 3.3V pin on your Arduino.

** Arduino Due users - SPI is found in the two rows of three pins next to the ARM processor, for example:

Excellent compact easy to use 1.8" TFT Color LCD for Arduino from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide

The display is compatible with the TFT libraray included with the Arduino IDE, so you can try the examples included and the programming reference is found on the Arduino website.