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Addressable RGB LED Neon Rope Light


Now available from PMD Way is this awesome neon-style RGB LED strip. It's flexible, soft, and looks great if you want a neon-style display without the drawbacks of glass and high voltage. 

Ideal for entertainment areas, discos, spas and enternatinment rooms. Tube is rated for IP65 full dust and water-blast protection.

The strip is available in various lenths and with two different types of LEDs - WS2811 powered by 12V with 5V for data; and SK6812 powered and data at 5V. You can select your required option using the drop-down menu.

LEDs are controlled on a 3-1 system. For every three RGB LEDs you have one controller IC. So if you have a 60 LEDs/m strip, in software you treat it as a 20 LED strip per metre.

Strip is terminated with 3-pin JST-SM connector. Click here for matching cables.

More information:

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