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Four Relay Shield for Arduino

SKU 443296

Control higher voltage and current loads with this great value Four Relay Shield for Arduino from PMD Way.

This relay shield arrives fully-assembled, and holds four relays capable of switching 250V AC or 30V DC at up to 3A of current.

Four useful LEDs are mounted on the board to indicate the state of each relay, and connections are made easy thanks to the screw terminal blocks.


  • Relay 1 - Digital pin D8
  • Relay 2 - Digital pin D7
  • Relay 3 - Digital pin D6
  • Relay 4 - Digital pin D5

Please note - this shield is not ideal if you need all four relays on at once, as each relay coil can require up to 100 mA of current - and your Arduino can only supply 500 mA in total. 

Please consider one of our relay shields with external power input if this is the case for you, or email for guidance.