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Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Automatic Paper Cutting Machine


Paper is easy to get in standard sizes, but if you want a number of strips, cut to an exact length, then the process can become tedious and/or labor-intensive.

If such a task falls to you repeatedly, then perhaps you need an automatic cutting machine, such as the one created by Mr Innovative in the video below.

The build starts by cutting out the wooden base of the unit using a jigsaw and tablesaw, with holes added to mount the device’s paper guide rails. Rails are made out of u-shaped channel, and are held down by 3D-printed clamps.

A roller assembly is also mounted to the base, kept in place via gravity, and the motion of the stepper motor that drives the rollers forward. Once it reaches the end of the wood and guide rails, a second stepper motor actuates a razor blade carriage assembly to make cuts. It slides on a pair of linear rails for alignment, and is pulled back and forth using a belt drive.

The system is controlled is via an Arduino Nano, along with a multipurpose PCB that houses a pair of A4988 stepper motor drivers. User interface is provided via a touchscreen interface, allowing the user to program in the individual paper length needed, as well as the number of strips to be produced.

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