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DC to AC Power Inverters now available from PMD Way

DC to AC Power Inverters now available from PMD Way

If you're camping, traveling, or need AC mains power in your car, truck, boat, RV caravan or other place that only has 12V or 24V DC available - then you need one of our new range of DC to AC Power Inverters.

They're available in a wide range of power outputs, from 200 watts to 3500 watts (with a 7000 watt peak!)

Run AC mains 110V 220V 230V appliances from DC power like batteries, cars and trucks using DC to AC Power Inverters from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide

You simply connect the inverter to a DC power source such as a car battery or 12/24V DC outlet - then you can connect your gear to the mains outlet on the inverter. 

All our inverters have safety cutoffs, active cooling systems and give pure sinewave outputs that's perfect for simple and high-technology items. 

To learn more and order, please visit our inverter collection now. 

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