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ESP8266 Household Task Reminder

ESP8266 Household Task Reminder


Smartphones are useful for many things, including keeping track of appointments and tasks with a calendar coordinated among devices. Conveniently, a reminder pops up on your phone when you need to do something, allowing you do do it that instant.

You can also easily ignore and forget about it. This is the problem that Andreas Spiess aims to solve with an ESP8266-based system that he creatively named “Reminder Device.”

The device, or rather set of devices, each contain a WeMos D1 Mini board and LED buttons inside of a 3D-printed box. These can be placed next to where a task might be performed, such as within the laundry room, kitchen, or wherever you charge your gadgets, lighting up when something is due.

Modules sync up with a person’s Google calendar via a custom script. Spiess set his up to enable anonymous access, dreaming that a kind stranger will come take his trash out or do other unwanted chores for him.

While this should lead to increased domestic tranquility, there are a few dangers. He notes that if you use it as a reminder to buy flowers for your significant others, and this is found out, it could have quite a negative effect.

Also, the light being on could be used as evidence of your slacking! Regardless, it’s a great project and you can find more info on how to build your own in the video below, with specifics in its description.

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