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Learn how to make a simple radio-streaming device with Raspberry Pi

Build a One-Button Radio Streaming Box

Although it isn't the newest thing on the block, streaming your own radio station may not be that accessible for some people. However once the ability to do so is available - family and friends or interested random strangers can listen to your thoughts, sounds and other goings-on.

To make radio streaming easy for a group of friends, Instructables member Keith F'em describes a radio streaming device that fits in a neat enclosure which is simply activated on or turned off with one button:

One-button Radio Streaming Box with Raspberry Pi

Inside the home-made enclosure is the Raspberry Pi, audio to USB converter and related circuitry to make a neat illuminated "On Air" sign. The connectivity is provided by Darkice which is in the Debian distribution for Raspberry Pi, and 

So if you want to make your own internet radio station - hit up the project's Instructables page. Please use resistors with the LEDs!

And if you're interested in making your own version - PMD Way has you covered with Raspberry Pi Kits, LEDs, USB sound adaptors and more. 

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