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Run BASIC on your ESP8266

Run BASIC on your ESP8266

Here at PMD Way we're always amazed at what has become possible using the inexpensive ESP8266-series of WiFi-enabled microcontrollers. And now thanks to Michael Molinari and others you can now program your ESP8266 using BASIC. 

Run BASIC on your ESP8266

Just when you thought BASIC was dead - it's back and once the firmware has been uploaded to your ESP8266 module, you can access the interpreter via a web interface and WiFi. 

Although still a work-in-progress, ESP8266 BASIC can control GPIO pins, generate graphics on the interpreter screen, read/write data to the ESP8266's flash memory and more. 

You can also save your BASIC program to the module, and it will automatically run after power-on or a reset. To learn more, sit back and review the entire process with Michael in the following video:

There are plenty of code examples and a BASIC discussion forum,  so to get started visit the ESP8266 BASIC website

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