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This 12X scale model Arduino runs on an actual Arduino

This 12X scale model Arduino runs on an actual Arduino


When you need a way to fit a microcontroller into a small space, the Arduino Nano is a great choice. If you need significant IO, the Mega is a go-to option. But if you need something physically very large, with the power and look of an Uno, the “Arduino Giga” by Zach Hipps of byte sized may fulfill your requirements nicely.

Hipps’ device scales up the Arduino Uno 12 times, including 3D-printed models of connectors and other onboard components. Lettering is engraved with a CNC router, and after a bit of paint work, the finished product could be mistaken for the real thing (if you didn’t know the scale, of course).

Hidden within its structure is an actual Nano. This is connected by wires to gigantic female pin header models, with 1/4 inch audio jacks embedded inside as connectors. Towards the end of the build video, Hipps demonstrates its capabilities by using it to control an RGB Christmas tree lighting setup!

If you're interested in making your own version, PMD Way has you covered with a huge range of parts including Arduino Uno-compatible boardsreal-time clock boardsWS2812B NeoPixel-style LEDs, stepper motorsjumper wires and more.

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