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Why pay more? WS2812B "NeoPixel"-style RGB LED Mini Button PCBs from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide

Why pay more? WS2812B "NeoPixel"-style RGB LED Mini Button PCBs

Next in our series of articles - "Why pay more?", we'll show how you can save money with PMD Way. Not only do we offer pricing you can enjoy, but technical service and warranty unlike others.

Our example this post is the fun and useful WS2812B "NeoPixel"-style RGB LED mounted onto a small PCB for ease of use. For example:

WS2812B RGB LED Mini Button PCBs - 100 Pack from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide
Here at PMD Way you can have a pack of 100 units delivered anywhere for US$29.95 with the option of black or white PCB type.
So that's 29.95 cents each, delivered. But let's see what the others are selling for (checked 22nd September 2020). Prices exclude delivery (however PMD Way ships for free). 
  • adafruit #1612 - five for US$4.95, so we'll call that a buck each
  • adafruit #4356 - fifty for US$29.95 - ok they're trying, but still 59.9 cents each
  • SparkFun BOB-13282 - ouch, US$3.50 each. Sure, they discount for volume

I'll stop there as paying more elsewhere is madness. Once again PMD Way leads the pricing to save YOU money. So order now!

And if you need a lot - 1000 PCBs or more, or faster courier delivery - just email for a quote. 

We give you full warranty, techincal support for item, and a secure checkout with credit cards, PayPal and more.

Finally - to keep up to date with interesting news, offers and new products - interact with us on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

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