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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

APA102 Addressable RGB SMD 5050 LEDs

SKU APA10210

If you need an addressable RGB LED for your project that can operate, PWM and refresh faster than a WS2812B - then consider the APA102 5050 SMD RGB LEDs from PMD Way. 

They're easy to use and are in a common 5mm x 5mm SMD 5050 six-leg package. 

Select your required pack size from the drop-down menu. Orders for 1000 LEDs will arrive as a full reel, the rest are strips cut from a reel.


  • Red color: 618~622` nm
  • Green color: 522-525 nm
  • Blue color: 460~462.5 nm
  • Red brightness @ ~20mA: 240~260 mcd
  • Blue brightness @ ~20mA: 160~180 mcd
  • Green brightness @ ~20mA: 420~460 mcd
  • SMD package - 5050

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