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Arduino Pro ATmega2560-16AU 5V Development Board

SKU 328044

Are you looking for a compact form of the powerful Arduino Mega 2560 development board? Then check out this Arduino Pro ATmega2560-16AU 5V Development Board from PMD Way.

It uses the ATmega2560-16AU microcontroller and runs the Arduino bootloader. This model runs at 5V (so 5V logic as well) and at a speed of 16 MHz. 

This is a compact board designed to be embedded into final projects, and the best way to upload a sketch to your Pro Mega is with an FTDI breakout board and USB cable. Then ensure the pins are aligned correctly with the FTDI board - match GND with GND on the FTDI board and you're set. 


  • When using these boards, try not to flex them too much. Once the header pins have been soldered onto the board, they are for electrical connection and not a physical mounting structure.
  • The cosmetic appearance of the board may vary slightly to the photo above, such as PCB colour and font size, however the board will function as expected. 

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