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All prices US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Flexible P4 Indoor 64 x 32 RGB LED Matrix Panel

SKU 22793826

Now available from PMD Way is this great value and FLEXIBLE P4 Indoor 64 x 32 RGB LED Matrix Panel. Ideal for creating all sorts of useful and entertaining displays in small spaces or curved surfaces or wearable electronics!

You can also daisy-chain them together to form larger displays. You can use an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other control system.

These panels have the standard HUB75 interface, and include a power cable, data ribbon cable and mounting hardware.

Please note

Yes, these panels are flexible, but are not designed for constant flexing. During the manufacturing and quality-control process, an LED may need to be re-soldered to the display so you could see a little flux on the board - that's OK  and doesn't affect operations. 

Finally, the rear design may be different if you order at different times. If you wish to make a larger display, it's best to order all your panels at the same time to ensure they come from the same batch of LEDs for a constant display quality.


  • Dimensions: 256 x 128 x ~15mm
  • Panel weight with IDC cable and power cable: 322g
  • 5V regulated power input, ~4A max (all LEDs on)
  • 5V data logic level input
  • >1500mcd brightness LEDs placed on a 4mm pitch
  • 1/16 scan rate

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