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I/O Shield for Arduino - XBee RS485 and Pinouts

SKU 328149

Add RS485, XBee and more to Arduino with this useful I/O Shield for Arduino from PMD Way. 

Seriously - this shield has it all, including:

  • an XBee socket for varioius wireless transceivers in that format
  • an RS485 transceiver IC connected to a terminal block
  • extension of 14 I/O ports to inline header pins, with 12 arranged for plug-and-play servo connection
  • separate I2C bus inline pins
  • onboard power supply - easily connect 7~12V DC for conversion to 5V to run your board and accessories
  • 3.3V output port

RS485 connections:

Once you have set the onboard jumpers to "485", the RS485 screw terminals are connected to 5V and GND respectively. RS485 DI (Data In) is connected to Arduino D1 (TX), and data output is connected to Arduino D0 (RX).