LilyPad-compatible ATmega328 Board


SKU: 98984801

Have fun with wearable electronics using these LilyPad-compatible ATmega328 Boards from PMD Way. 

These boards are Arduino-programmed microcontrollers designed to be integrated into e-textiles and wearable projects. They offer the same functionality as most popular Arduino-compatible boards, in a small, round package designed to minimize snagging and profile, with wide tabs that can be sewn down and connected with conductive thread.

The board consists of an ATmega328 with the Arduino bootloader and a minimum number of external components to keep it as small as possible. They will run from 2V to 5V DC and offers large pin-out holes that make it easy to sew and connect.

Each of these pins, with the exception of (+) and (-), can control an attached input or output device (like a light, motor, or switch).

You will need a red FTDI board or FTDI cable to upload Arduino code from your computer. 

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