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All prices US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

MAX31865 PT100/PT1000 RTD-to-Digital Thermocouple Sensor Amplifier Module

SKU 521376

Now available from PMD Way is the great value MAX31865 PT1000 RTD-to-Digital Thermocouple Amplifier Module. 

When used in conjunction with PT1000-type RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detector) - ideal for measuring temperature in factory, industrial and laboratory situations. 

This board is designed to work with any two, three or four-wire PT1000-type RTD. You connect the board to your microcontroller or development board via the SPI bus and read the resistance ration from the board's ADC. The board is fitted with a 4300 Ohm 0.1% reference resistor, and code examples reflect this. 

The board is designed to work on both 3.3V and 5V logic and power supply. Inline header pins and screw terminal blocks are included but not soldered to the board.  

Click here if you need a PT1000 RTD. 

More information:

  • MAX31865 data sheet (.pdf)
  • Arduino library and information
  • based on an open-source design by adafruit industries.