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MC34064P-5 5V Under-Voltage Sensor IC - 5 Pack

Now available from PMD Way is the MC34064 -  an undervoltage sensing circuit built to be used as a reset controller in microprocessor-based systems. It gives the designer a cheap solution for low voltage detection with a single external resistor. 

It includes a trimmed-in-package bandgap reference, and a comparator with accurate thresholds and built-in hysteresis to alleviate erratic reset operation. The open collector reset output is capable of sinking in excess of 10 mA, and operation is guaranteed down to 1.0 V input with low standby current. These come in a 3-pin TO-226AA package. 

Applications include direct monitoring of the 5.0 V MPU/logic power supply used in appliance, automotive, consumer and industrial equipment.


  • Trimmed-In-Package Temperature Compensated Reference
  • Comparator Threshold of 4.6 V at 25°C
  • Precise Comparator Thresholds Guaranteed Over Temperature
  • Comparator Hysteresis Prevents Erratic Reset
  • Reset Output Capable of Sinking in Excess of 10 mA
  • Internal Clamp Diode for Discharging Delay Capacitor
  • Guaranteed Reset Operation with 1.0 V Input
  • Low Standby Current
  • Compact and economical TO–226AA package

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