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MMA7361 Analogue Accelerometer Board

SKU 444760

The MMA7361 Analogue Accelerometer Board from PMD Way is an incredibly versatile and inexpensive accelerometer breakout board.

The G-force levels are interpreted as analogue voltage outputs, so you just connect them to three analogue input pins on your Arduino or orther development board. The board is both 5V and 3.3V tolerant - connect your power supply to either the 5V or 3.3V pins and GND.

There is a freefall pin - "OG" which will go high when zero-G is being experienced (that is, the board is being dropped!). 

Otherwise the output voltages are found on the X, Y and Z pins. The accelerometer has a range of +/-1.5G by default, however if you set the pin "GS" to high (that is your supply voltage) the range becomes +/- 6G.

Finally, you can put the accelerometer into a sleep mode to conserve power by switching the "SL" pin to GND. For more information - please read the data sheet (link below)!

The board has the inline pins pre-soldered as per the photos above. 

When using the MMA7361, remember that gravity is 1G, so when sitting still the Z-value will be higher than X or Y. Finally, the temeperatue will affect the value to a certain degree - again, see the data sheet. 

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