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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

WinBond W25Q64FVSSIG 64M-bit SPI Flash IC - 10 Pack


Need more flash memory for your microcontroller? And it has an SPI interface? Then this WinBond W25Q64FVSSIG flash memory IC from PMD Way fits the bill. Features include:

  • W25Q64FV: 64M-bit / 8M-byte (8,388,608)
  • Highest Performance Serial Flash
  • Efficient “Continuous Read” and QPI Mode
  • Low Power, Wide Temperature Range
  • Flexible Architecture with 4KB sectors
  • Advanced Security Features

More information:

  • Download data sheet (.pdf)
  • Arduino users - open the IDE Library Manager and search for "SPI Flash" library (thanks Prajwal!)