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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

XBee Shield for Arduino with micro SD Card Socket

SKU 971662

Easily add an XBee wireless module or other XBee-footprint device to your Arduino project with this great value XBee Shield for Arduino from PMD Way. And as a bonus there's a microSD card socket for data logging or retrieval.

The shield arrives fully assembled and ready to use. It contains an onboard 3.3V power supply for your XBee and a convenient system reset button.

Furthermore there's a switch to redirect your Arduino's UART between USB and XBee, so you can upload new sketches to your Arduino without removing the shield. Win-win!

The microSD card socket uses Arduino digital pin D4 for SS along with the SPI bus pins D11~D13.

If you are new to using SD cards with Arduino, check out the SDfat library for Arduino by Bill Greiman. We prefer this as it handles cards formatted for both FAT16 (under 2GB) and FAT32 (over 2GB).