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Free shipping worldwide! Touch here to learn more
AC Mains Power on the go with Offgrid AC Output Solar Power Kits

AC Mains Power on the go with Offgrid AC Output Solar Power Kits

Keep your campsite powered... RV, caravan or boat battery charged up, or operate a 110V or 220V AC offgrid mains power system for your location with ease using items from the new range of off grid AC Output Solar Power Kits from PMD Way. 

From keeping your iPhone charged to operating electrical appliances, tools, lighting and more - PMD Way has an easy-to-use offgrid solar power kit to suit your requirements.

AC Output Offgrid Solar Power Kits from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide

All kits are portable and easily-transported, or can of course be mounted permanently for long-term use. All kits can be set up and packed up in a minimum of time. Just the sun and a rechargeable battery gives you mains power just like at home or work.

So to learn more and order, please click here to visit our range of AC output solar power kits. Plus - all orders receive free delivery, worldwide. 

And remember ... if you:

  • can't find what you need
  • not sure what to order
  • want a bulk deal
  • need technical support
  • or just want to have a talk ...

Please email us via support@pmdway.comFinally - to keep up to date with interesting news, offers and new products - interact with us on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

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