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Alexa-Enabled Car Stereo

Alexa-Enabled Car Stereo


When you buy a new or used car, you’re presented with a plethora of features meant to help you travel safely and in comfort. Unfortunately, even with the various options available, it’s difficult to find a car with a stereo system that exactly suits you.

Allan Murray decided to take matters into his own hands and designed a system that can play MP3s from an SD card, stream over Bluetooth, and can also receive normal FM broadcasts under Alexa voice control.

An Arduino Pro Mini acts as the central control unit of this stereo system, which takes input from four physical control buttons, along with Amazon Alexa via an ESP8266 module. Meanwhile, song info is shown on a built-in LCD display.

Want to install a similar system in your older vehicle? You can check out the entire build log here


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