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Bedfellow - the Autonomous Robot Bed

Bedfellow - the Autonomous Robot Bed

And now for something completely different is the "Bedfellow" - an autonomous robot bed created by Randy Sarafan. We can't really think of a sensible reason to do this, however the results would be a ton of fun. Randy has fitted the bed with wheels and twin 4HP electric motors - controlled via an Arduino and some high-current controller circuitry. 

This allows for the bed to motor along, rotate and generally be driven to where it needs to be, and thanks to the onboard Arduino, all sorts of control types or autonomous behaviour can be introduced. 

Bedfellow - the Autonomous Robot Bed

This would make a great bed for unsuspecting guests, imagine the possibilities of a slowly-moving bed at 3am or a rapid twirl as shown in the video below:

Thankfully Randy has documented every step of the required process to reproduce this bed yourself,  so for some interesting reading head over to his project page.

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