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Raspberry Pi time lapse camera box

Build a Time Lapse Photography Box with Raspberry Pi

Those of you interested in the world of biology may be growing bacterial samples in petrie dishes, and wish to track their progress over time - without constant monitoring in person. Paul Cachera had the same problem and solved it neatly using a Raspberry Pi.

They build a nice laser-etched wooden box to enclose the subjects, and also hold a light and camera which is controlled via the Raspberry Pi:

Once constructed, the coding for the Raspberry Pi involves taking photos over pre-determined time durations, and uploading the images automatically to Google Drive as they are taken. 

This allows for remote access and real-time viewing of the images as they are taken. Check out an example of the results in the vide below:

Although you may have no interest in biology at all, this project could be used for all sorts of things - such as security monitoring, watching plant growth, or artistic photographic endeavours. 

For complete details on this fascinating project, review Paul's instructable. And if you're interested in making your own version - PMD Way has you covered with Raspberry Pi packs, Raspberry Pi cameras, relay modules and more. 

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