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Build a Wireless Zoom Controller

Build a Wireless Zoom Controller


Last year, creator p_leriche designed a zoom control box that emulates keystrokes using an Arduino Pro Micro and six buttons.

While quite useful, some might prefer to do away with wires altogether, and instead control Zoom/OBS/other programs wirelessly via Bluetooth. P_leriche now has an answer for this as well in the form of his new Blutooth control box.

The device employs an ESP-WROOM-32 dev board to take care of Bluetooth communications.

The new control box features seven pushbuttons, plus an encoder for volume with a built-in mute button for enhanced functionality. Two indicator LEDs are also embedded in the project enclosure.

The unit uses a LiPo battery for power, along with a TP4056 charging module to keep it topped off. The charger is actually modified by swapping out the resistor to apply a lower, more appropriate, charge rate to the small battery used.

A switch, plus extra Micro-USB connector was also added to connect the battery only to the charging module as needed, while the ESP32 still receives power over USB.

The ESP module is programmed to control zoom calls with firmware included in the project write-up. On the other hand, control of other devices is simply a matter of switching the code around, which would make it useful for a wide variety of wireless control options!

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