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DIY Rechargeable Power Supply

DIY Rechargeable Power Supply


A benchtop power supply is an essential tools for any hardware hacker, allowing you to to generate the appropriate voltage and current by turning a few knobs. Such a device could also be helpful when not in your lab, perhaps even without access to mains electricity. In the video below, creator Maker Fabio shows how to make a battery powered voltage supply, based around an inexpensive XYS3580 module sourced from AliExpress.

To build the device, Fabio 3D-printed an enclosure for it, with the supply itself on the top and a compartment on the bottom that houses three rechargeable batteries. The enclosure also contains a USB-C charging board, which plugs in via a USB-C to USB-A cable (for some reason a C-to-C cable doesn’t do the job), bringing the batteries to a usable level. The unit is sanded and glued together, and with its beige coloring, it resembles a 1980s-era computer.

The build features a pair of banana jacks for output, and the device can supply between .6 and 36VDC and up to 5A of current. As shown, this is useful for powering items like a small motor, or even a powerful chip on board (COB) LED, just don’t look too closely! Print files for this power console are found on Thingiverse.

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