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Is It Time to Build Your Own Arduino Watch?

Is It Time to Build Your Own Arduino Watch?


While the Arduino Nano is — as the name implies — quite small, one might wonder if it’s small enough to fit into a small enclosure to be used as a wristwatch. In this build, YouTuber Craft Channel does just that, creating a small wooden watch enclosure and fitting the board along with a 1S LiPo battery inside.

This custom case also features a window for an ST7789 1.3" display, used to show an analog-style watch face. Tabs on the sides hold lengths of wire as pins, which hold on the strap segments that attach to a wearer's wrist. The device is finished with filler compound and paint, then fitted together with hot glue, proving that you don’t actually need a 3D printer or other CNC equipment to create such a gadget.

Although a nice looking build, some might note the lack of a RTC module, which would mean the time would quickly become inaccurate. That being said, its 3.7V, 250mAh battery would only be able to supply the Nano with power for a matter of hours (drawing in the range of 20-30mA per discussions here and here), and turning on the screen would certainly drain this further. Perhaps the project could be best thought of as a prototype, or something to be worn out, then recharged and reprogrammed before its next event.



And if you're interested in doing this yourself, PMD Way has a you covered with a wide range of parts, such as:

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