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This DIY domino clock tells the time using three LED-lit tiles

This DIY domino clock tells the time using three LED-lit tiles


After coming across Carbon Design Group’s Domino Wall Clock, which uses electronic magnetic coil motors to reveal white dots, Instructables member “Kothe” decided to create a simplified version of their own.

The clock is comprised of three custom dominoes — the first tile for hours, the second and third for minutes. Unlike its inspiration, Kothe’s device uses addressable RGB LEDs as dots that allow for a variety of colors to shine through.

The unique timepiece is made out of cut MDF, acrylic, and 3D-printed outer sections. Everything is controlled by an Arduino Nano, along with a DS1307 RTC unit for accurate timekeeping. Code, CAD files, and build instructions can be found in the project’s write-up.

If you're interested in making your own version, PMD Way has you covered with a huge range of parts including Arduino Nano-compatible boardsreal-time clock boardsWS2812B NeoPixel-style LEDs, stepper motorsjumper wires and more.

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