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Upgrade classic car dashboards with CAN-BUS and Arduino

Upgrade classic car dashboards with CAN-BUS and Arduino

Classic car enthusiasts often strive for a perfect reproduction of their vehicles, both inside and out. However this can often leave the driver without the advantage of certain modern technology we enjoy now - such as comprehensive engine and performance indicators.

With this challenge in mind, Arduino forum member trewjohn2001 has created a solution for his MGB V8 - by adding an aftermarket Emerald K6 ECU (Engine Control Unit) to the engine, an Arduino with CAN-BUS shield can receive a plethora of information and display this using common methods.  

Upgrade classic car dashboards with CAN-BUS and Arduino

This is a neat solution, and by inserting a small OLED display into the original tachometer - the ECU data can be displayed discreetly and looks great.. as shown in the video below:

A fantastic modification - of which you can learn more about in the Arduino forum. And if you're interested in making your own version, PMD Way can help you with the parts, such as:

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