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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Click here to learn more
All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more
Cellular Shields for Arduino from PMD Way, with free delivery worldwide

Cellular Shields for Arduino from PMD Way

PMD Way offers a range of 2G and 3G cellular shields for Arduino. Your Arduino can communicate via a mobile phone (cellular) network!

Ideal for sending and receiving SMS text messages with data, instructions, alerts and more. (Please click here if you need a Cellular device for your project but not in Arduino shield format!)

Please note that not all shields will work in all areas. You need to find out from your intended mobile telephone network if they are a 2G or 3G network - and which frequency they use. Then match that data against our shield specifications to make sure you get the right one. 

Click here to visit our cellular shields for Arduino. No matter your needs, we're bound to have a shield for your project. Plus - all orders receive free delivery, worldwide. 

And remember ... if you:

  • can't find what you need
  • not sure what to order
  • want a bulk deal
  • need technical support
  • or just want to have a talk ...

Please email us via During our business hours (GMT+8) you can also have a quick chat via WeChat - we're "pmdway".

PMD Way on WeChat

Finally - to keep up to date with interesting news, offers and new products - interact with us on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

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