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APA106 Addressable RGB LEDs

Welcome to the range of APA106 Addressable RGB LED products from PMD Way. 

APA106 LEDs are addressable RGB LEDs - in through-hole and surface mount! Easily use one or more of these fun LEDs without dealing with surface-mount soldering. From a solderless breadboard to a final project, you can create colorful effects without any effort.

PMD Way has various APA106 LEDs for you - and as always - if you need any help, or a bulk deal - please email

  • APA106 Addressable RGB Through Hole LEDs from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide
    from $8.95

    APA106 Addressable RGB Through Hole LEDs

    Love RGB LEDs like the WS2812B, Adafruit NeoPixels and others - but can't deal with surface-mount soldering? Well your problems have been solved th...

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    from $8.95