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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

DAC Digital to Analog Converter HAT for Raspberry Pi 3/2

SKU 98917741

Easily connect your Rapsberry Pi 3 or 2 series board to an external amplifier or sound bar with this neat digital to analog converter HAT from PMD Way. 

Using a PCM5122 I2S bus decoder IC, your digital audio is converted down to stereo analog outputs in the form of standard RCA sockets - left and right, or a stereo 3.5mm (1/8") jack socket. All connectors are gold-plated to look great and give an excellent quality connection. 


  • Uses the Raspberry Pi's I2S interface rather than USB, so you have hardware volume control.
  • Supports 16~32 bit Audio Data Format and sampling rates higher than 384kHz
  • The onboard PCM5122 has an integrated negative charge pump, removing the need for DC blocking capacitors on the outputs
  • Double color LED, red light for indicating DAC power, green light for operating condition
  • onboard IR receive function (remote control not included)

More information:

  • Visit the wiki page for setup guidance and instructions