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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

WM8960 Stereo Codec with Class D Speaker Driver pHAT for Raspberry Pi

SKU 49370412

Add stereo audio output and twin microphones to your Raspberry Pi with this neat WM8960 Stereo Codec with Class D Speaker Driver pHAT from PMD Way. 

Based on the Cirrus Logic WM8960 IC, which is a low power stereo codec featuring Class D speaker drivers to provide 1W per channel into 8Ω loads. Guaranteed low leakage, excellent PSRR and pop/click suppression mechanisms enable direct battery connection for the speaker supply.

This IC integrates a complete microphone interface and a stereo headphone driver. External component requirements are drastically reduced as no separate microphone, speaker or headphone amplifiers are required.

Advanced on-chip digital signal processing performs automatic level control for the microphone or line input. Stereo 24-bit Delta Sigma converters are used with low power over-sampling digital interpolation and decimation filters and a flexible digital audio interface. The main clock can be input directly or generated internally by an onboard PLL, supporting most commonly used clocking schemes.

This pHAT has two onboard high-quality MEMS silicon microphones to record left and right channels, and has a 3.5MM headphone jack, with an output power of 40mW (16Ω @ 3.3V)

Onboard dual-channel speaker interface, which can directly drive the speaker, output power: 2 x 1W. Supports stereo sound, 3D surround sound effect output.

pHAT also has three programmable APA-102-2020 full-color RGB LEDs for visual effects. DAC signal to noise ratio: 98DB, ADC signal to noise ratio: 94DB.

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