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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Adjustable PIR Passive Infra Red Motion Detector Module HCSR501 - Ten Pack

SKU 99875013

Now avaiable from PMD Way are these useful HC-SR501 PIR sensors, which allow you to sense motion - such as if a human has moved in or out of the sensor's range. 

These are ideal for detecting movement across an area, just like motion detectors you would find in alarm systems and so on. 

This is for a pack of ten sensors.


  • Connect 5V and GND to... 5V and GND pins
  • Monitor the OUT pin with your microcontroller's digital or analogue input pin (etc). This pin will go "HIGH" (3.3V) when motion is detected.
  • The on time delay is adjustable between a few and 200 seconds (use the trimpot labelled CH1 to adjust).
  • Sensitivity is adjusted with the trimpot labelled RL2.


  • Angle of detection - 140 degrees (70° to the left, 70° to the right)
  • Detection distance: 3~7 metres (adjustable)

Jumper settings:

If the jumper is put in its bottom position (with the board still facing you and the pins at the top) there is no reset. If it is in its top position (H) it is in auto-reset mode - which means sensor will stay high until the motion stops. After motion is no longer detected the output will go low. If set to o reset (L) the sensor will stop sensing once it has triggered, and stays high for the preset time period.


When using with an ESP8266 based board by adding around 10K of pull-up resistors between VCC and the output or GPIO pin.