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40mm Peltier Module 12V 6A - 5 Pack

SKU 94181302

These peltier modules from PMD Way use the "Peltier" effect to transfer heat. This essntially creates a "cold side" and a "hot side" on the unit.

Applications include biomedical instruments, consumer products like thermoelectric cooling water coolers, thermoelectric refrigerator, industrial equipment, laboratory and scientific instruments etc.

Sold in packs of five units.

You must use a heatsink with Peltier Modules if using for more than two seconds.


  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 3.6mm
  • Attached wiring around 100mm in length
  • Resistance: 3.0~3.3Ω
  • Particles: 127
  • △TmaxQC=0(C): 60°C
  • Operating voltage 12V DC (Vmax: 15V)
  • Cooling power: Qcmax 72W
  • U=standard(V): 12V
  • Pressure=kg/cm2: 85N/cm2
  • Operating temperature: -55~83°C