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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Soldering Station with Reflow Gun and Bench Power Supply

SKU 85340055

If you're setting up a workbench, or upgrading your soldering situation - then this awesome three-in-one soldering station from PMD Way is for you.

Not only is there a temperature-controlled soldering iron, you also get a temperature-controlled hot air gun for reflow and other work - there's also a bench power supply built into the enclosure. 

You save space, time and money with three bench devices in one unit. Let's look into it in more detail:

Soldering station:

  • 60W soldering iron with temperature control
  • Uses a high-temperature silicon cable that can withstand burning for up to fifteen seconds
  • high quality heater element
  • sleep mode after ten minutes of inactivity - temperature drops until iron moved once more
  • temperature range of 200~480 degrees Celsius
  • includes metal tip cleaner to avoid thermal shock

Hot air gun:

  • Can work continuously or automatically when removed from holder
  • temperature range of 100~480 degrees Celsius
  • maximum air flow of 120 litres/minute
  • includes four different nozzles for precise output

Benchtop power supply:

  • Offers 0~15V DC at up to 1A
  • Extra 5V 500mA USB power output for mobile phone or development board operation

Use the options menu to select the AC power plug for your region. We can also source spare parts, tips, etc. for our soldering station customers. 

Includes exclusive two year warranty from PMD Way Ltd.

Free delivery via DHL air courier.