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MCP73871 USB Solar Lithium Battery Charger

SKU 23031922

Power your projects with solar and rechargeable battery with this MCP73871 USB solar lithium battery charger from PMD Way. 

Ideal for use with solar panels up to 6V - this module takes care of the power and charging needs with a 3.7V rechargeable battery. 

Simply connect the battery to the BATT connectors, the solar panel to the PWR connectors and the device or project to the LOAD connectors and you're away. It would be a good idea to keep the battery out of the sun's harmful rays. 

Thanks to the MCP73831 controller IC, this device is designed to draw as much current as possible from the solar panel. 

The large capacitor shown in the images is included, and needs to be soldered to the board before use. It is use for power stabilisation. 

And if the sun has been hiding for a few days, you can manually charge the battery via the PWR pins - just connect 5 to 6V DC.

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