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Welcome to the range of Varistors from PMD Way. 

PMD Way offers a wide range of through-hole varistors - ideal for protecting circuits against voltage spikes from lightning, back EMF (Electro Magnetic Force) from motors and so on. Please click here for SMD surface-mount varistors.

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  • Assorted Through Hole Varistor Kit - 120 Pieces

    Assorted Through Hole Varistor Kit - 120 Pieces

    Stock up on through hole varistors with this assorted varistor kit from PMD Way. Each kit includes ten each of twelve different values, listed belo...

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  • 7mm PTH Varistors in packs of 20 from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide

    7mm PTH Varistors - Pack of 20

    Through hole varistors in packs of twenty from PMD Way. Select your required value using the options drop-down menu.  Value specifications are lis...

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