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0.49" 64 x 32 White Graphic OLED - I2C

SKU 14201491

If you need a tiny, yet bright graphic OLED display for your next compact project such as a smartwatch prototype - then this unit is for you. 

The display measures 0.49" diagonal, and has a resoution of 64 x 32 pixels of bright white OLED goodness. Driver IC is the popular SSD1306.

Interface is via the I2C bus, and the unit is both 3.3V and 5V tolerant - so ideal for Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any platfom with I2C. 

Click here if you prefer the OLED display without the breakout board.

Quick demonstration video:

Using your display:

Please run an I2C scanner program on your system to determine the bus address. 

Arduino library

Use the ug82 library

Arduino Tutorial

Click here for our Arduino tutorial.


Amazing tiny 0.49" graphic OLED display for your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other platform with I2C interface - from PMD Way