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0805 SMD LEDs - Reel of 3000


Now available from PMD Way are 0805 SMD LEDs in full production reels of 3000 Available in red, green, yellow, blue and white. 

Package dimensions:

  • 0805 (2.0mm x 1.2mm)

General specifications:

  • Red 100-120nm; 1.8-2.0V @ 20mA 
  • Blue 120-150nm; 3.0-3.2V @ 20mA 
  • Green 400-500nm; 3.0-3.2V @ 20mA 
  • Yellow 120-150nm; 1.8-2.0V @ 20mA 
  • White 500-600nm; 3.0-3.2V @ 20mA