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4-channel I2C-safe Bi-directional Logic Level Converter - Ten Pack

SKU 441079

Easily interface devices with different voltages using these 4-channel I2C-safe Bi-directional Logic Level Converters in packs of ten from PMD Way.

They are based on the I2C-compatible FET design following NXP's app note.

This breakout has 4 BSS138 FETs with 10K pullups. It works down to 1.8V on the low side, and up to 10V on the high side. May not be suitable for high-speed I2C bus use.

You can also use these for TTL serial/UART, SPI bus or any other digital interface in both single and bidirectional configurations. The level converters are fully-assembled, however inline header pins are included but not soldered to the boards. 

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