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AD9833 DDS Programmable Frequency Function Generator

SKU 231326

Now available from PMD Way is this precise AD9833 MCP41010 DDS Programmable Frequency Function Generator. 

This is different to our other AD9833 function generators in that this unit also has a Microchip MCP41010 digital potentiometer to control output amplitude and AD8051 high-speed opamp buffer to keep output impedance low and provide gain to allow higher output signal level.

AD9833 and MCP41010 are both controlled via the SPI data bus. Pull FSY pin low to access AD9833, pull CS pin low to access MCP41010.

The SMA connector and inline header pins are soldered to the module. 


  • generate square, triangle and sine wave output
  • output range between 0.1Hz~12.5MHz
  • working voltage 2.3~5.5V DC


Great value AD9833 MCP41010 DDS Programmable Frequency Function Generator from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide

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