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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Assorted 630V Polyester Capacitor Kit - 140 Pieces

SKU 9652700

Never be short of a greencaps thanks to these packs from PMD Way. Each pack contains ten each of fourteen values as listed below.


Capacitor Range : 0.001uf~0.068uf
Capacitor Tolerance: ±10%.

Package includes:
Model Voltage Capacity

  • 2J102 630V 0.001uf
  • 2J152 630V 0.0015uf
  • 2J222 630V 0.0022uf
  • 2J272 630V 0.0027uf
  • 2J332 630V 0.0033uf
  • 2J472 630V 0.0047uf
  • 2J562 630V 0.0056uf
  • 2J682 630V 0.0068uf
  • 2J822 630V 0.0082uf
  • 2J103 630V 0.01uf
  • 2J223 630V 0.022uf
  • 2J333 630V 0.033uf
  • 2J473 630V 0.047uf
  • 2J683 630V 0.068uf