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Bare 13.56MHz RFID NFC Chip and Antenna - 10 Pack

SKU 14162000

Now you can make your own RFID NFC tags, or implant the technology inside an item of interest with these bare 13.56MHz RFID NFC packs from PMD Way. 

Each pack includes ten chips and matching, pre-wired antennas. Simply snap the PCB apart and you have the guts of a card to put in your own device. 


  • Chip type: 213
  • Physical capacity: 168bytes
  • Usable capacity: 144bytes
  • Protocol: ISO14443A
  • Working frequency: 13.56 MHZ
  • Reading and writing distance: 1 to 5 cm
  • Reading and writing time: 1 to 2 ms
  • Working temperature: -20 to 55 degrees C, humidity of 90%