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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Flexible 30 x 24 WS2813 RGB LED Panel

SKU WS2813PP3024

Now available from PMD Way are these large 30 x 24 WS2813 RGB LED flexible panels. Fundamentally these are twenty-four strips of 30 LEDs wired harnessed together into a large matrix.

For the purpose of coding and control, you consider this to be one length of 720 WS2813 RGB LEDs.

The WS2813 RGB LED is an improvement on the popular WS2812B RGB LED, and offers a greater refresh rate range of up to 2 kHz - no flicker when filming in HD, and if one pixel/LED dies - the rest continue working. Awesome! 

You can use the FastLED library for Arduino, and python with Raspberry Pi

Panel is terminated with 4 pin JST-SM connectors. Click here for matching JST SM cables. 

Panel measures 50 x 40cm, 16.66cm LED pitch. Runs from 5V 172W.

Download WS2813 datasheet (.pdf)

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