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All prices US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

L293D Motor Shield for Arduino

SKU 160202

Easy DC and stepper motor control with the L293D Motor Shield for Arduino from PMD Way.

If you need to control up to four small DC motors, or two stepper motors along with two servos than this value shield based on L293D H-bridge ICs will get the job done. The shield has four H-bridges each of which can handle 600 mA of current (1.2A peak) at voltages of between 4.5 and 25V DC. This shield is assembled and ready to use. 

Jumper headers are provided for easy connection of two servos, and the DC/stepper motor connections along with external motor power are made through convenient terminal blocks.

There's pull-down resistors which keep the motors off when the shield is reset or turned on, and a reset button is also fitted to the shield for quick robotic rescues. Futhermore the mains ICs - the L293D and 74HC595 are socketed, so if you go crazy and blow them out - you can easily replace then for a few dollars.

This shield is based on the v1.0 open-source design by adafruit industries.

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