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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Click here to learn more
All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Lilytiny ATtiny85 Arduino Compatible Wearable Electronics Controller - Ten Pack

SKU 14140X

Looking for a tiny, tiny Arduino-compatible board in a wearable format that won't break the bank? Then order a Lilytiny Arduino-compatible ATtiny85 board from PMD Way in packs of ten. Click here for orders of one or more units. 

Based on an open-source design by Digistump, this tiny little board offers you a minimalist Arduino-compatible board in a tiny form factor. Designed for wearable electronics, the I/O connections are much larger to support conductive thread or other conductors. 


  • Support for the IDE (OSX/Windows/Linux).
  • Power via USB or External Source or 7-16 v to 5 v (automatic selection).
  • The On - board, 150 ma 5 v Regulator.
  • Built - in USB and serial was debugging).
  • 6 I/O Pins (2 are informs the for USB only if your program actively communicates over USB, otherwise you can use all 6 even if you are programming via USB).
  • 8 k Flash Memory (about 6 k after bootloader).
  • The I2C and SPI (vis USI).
  • PWM on 3 pins (more possible with Software PWM).
  • The ADC on 4 pins.
  • The Power LED and the Test/Status leds.

Click here for Arduino installation files and information.

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