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Free delivery, every order. Want a bulk deal or can't find what you need? Email now!

LM2917 Frequency to Voltage Converter

Now available from PMD Way is the interesting LM2917 Frequency to Voltage Converter IC.
The LM2917 is a monolithic frequency to voltage converter with a high gain op amp/comparator designed to switch a relay, lamp, or other load when the input frequency reaches or exceeds a selected rate. 

The tachometer uses a charge pump technique and offers frequency doubling for low ripple, full input protection as the output swings to ground for a zero frequency input.


  • Ground referenced tachometer input connects directly to variable reluctance magnetic pickups
  • Op amp/comparator has floating transistor output
  • 50 mA sink or source to switch relays, solenoids, meters, or LEDs
  • Frequency doubling for low ripple
  • Tachometer has built-in hysteresis with a choice of differential input or ground referenced input
  • Built-in zener
  • +/-0.3% linearity typical
  • Ground referenced tachometer is fully protected from swings above VCC and below ground

  • Output swings to ground for zero frequency input 
  • Simple to use VOUT = freq.IN x VCC x R1 x C1 
  • Only one RC network provides frequency doubling 
  • Zener regulator on chip allows accurate and stable frequency to voltage or current conversion
  • Over/under speed sensing 
  • Frequency to voltage conversion (tachometer) 
  • Speedometers 
  • Breaker point dwell meters 
  • Hand-held tachometer 
  • Speed governors 
  • Cruise control 
  • Automotive door lock control 
  • Clutch control 
  • Horn control 
  • Y Touch or sound switches

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