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MAX30102 Heart Rate Sensor Module

SKU 30102441

Easily measure pulse oximetry and heart rate monitor module with this new MAX30102 Heart Rate Sensor Module from PMD Way.

Once set up, simply place a finger over the sensor for accurate readings. 

The board is fully assembled, however inline header pins are included but not soldered to the board.


  • LED peak wavelength: 660nm/880nm
  • LED supply voltage: 3.3~5V
  • Detection signal type: Light reflection signal (PPG)
  • Output signal interface: I2C interface
  • Communication interface voltage: 1.8~3.3V~5V DC


  • VIN: main power supply input terminal 1.8V-5V;
  • 3-bit pad: Select the pull-up level of the bus, depending on the pin master voltage, select 1.8v or 3.3V (this terminal contains 3.3V and above) SCL: Connect the clock of I2C bus;
  • SDA: data connected to the I2C bus;
  • INT : Interrupt pin of the MAX30102 chip;
  • RD: RED of the MAX30102 chip, LED ground terminal, - generally not connected;
  • IRD: The IR, LED grounding of the MAX30102 chip is generally not connected;
  • GND : Ground wire

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Measure pulse and heart rate with the MAX30102 Heart Rate Sensor Module from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide